This is where I share what’s going on. Classes. Shows.     As well as being an artist, I am also an Intentional Creativity Teacher. I periodically offer workshops in my studio, teach private lessons as well as one-on-one Vision Plan sessions. Interested? Drop me an email.   Walking Side by Side with Nature ANEW […]

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Me and Mom

My mother, Leoda Floradene Hall Wagner, walked on Sunday morning November 27, 2016, right on through the veil between this life and the next. I knew she was fading and ready to go. When it was clear Alzheimers had captured her brain several years ago, I said goodbye and told her to go when she […]

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A Creature of This Planet

I drove up to the land on Friday morning. By the land, I mean Terra Sophia, the land where my mentor Sue Hoya Sellars lived up in the Anderson Valley. A gorgeous, peaceful 20 acres of hills and valley, trees and clouds. Rain and winds were predicted for Friday and Saturday, possibly even thunderstorms. I wasn’t […]

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