Earth Prayers: Materials List


This is the Materials List for my online Earth Prayers class. The pen is the most critical item as the class centers around its use, so get that item first. Most good art stores will carry it; if not, then head to your favorite online art store. I’ve included links to mine.

Pentel Pocket Brush Pen (required)

This pen is required as all the instruction is focused around using it. There are other similar sumi-e brush pens out there; this one is both less expensive and has a great brush life. It comes with two cartridges which are more then enough for our class.


Super Deluxe 4×6 Sketchbook, spiral bound, 93 lb (150 GSM)

The paper in the sketchbook is natural white, heavyweight and coated (or what they called ‘sized’) so it can be used with paint and ink. (Sizing is a treatment done to the paper to change the absorbency.)

If you have a sketchbook with paper that is similar, you can use that. I use the 4×6 inch size sketchbook ‘cause it fits into my bags and purse easily – there are several other sizes available; pick what fits in your bag!

Note: I do not recommend watercolor paper while learning the process. Too heavy and too expensive.


Nice to have:

A journal to take notes in, write down musings, etc.

Paper towels or rags to keep your fingers clean.

A bag or purse to carry your sketchbook and pen in.