Creativity Classes


What is Intentional Creativity?

When we create by first setting intention, it is a way of opening ourselves up and stepping into a container of opportunity. Setting an intention is a promise that illuminates our path forward. It operates like a key opening doorways we didn’t know needed opening and taking us on a journey of the heart. The heart is at the center of Intentional Creativity, because it is when we unlock our heart’s desire through our intention, that we are truly inspired in what we create.

When we engage our brain with intention while painting and writing, we are asking the right and left sides of our brain to work together, cognitively and intuitively, at the same time. The place they come together represents the Doorway of Inspired Creation, and when we step through this doorway with intention and purpose, magic awaits us. We embark on a journey of vision. We ask and receive messages and images.

We all have stories that run our lives. The power of Intentional Creativity happens when we take the story out of us and put the images and words on our canvas. Why? Because when the story is out of us and on the canvas, we can transform it through our intention. We can heal our wounds, transform the way we live our lives, and write NEW stories. Read what my students say.

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Intentional Sketching

Periodically I host a class where we walk in the local Palo Alto Baylands or up in the surrounding hills. We bring sketch books and sumi-e pens and I give lessons on setting intention and sketching in nature using the sumi-e techniques. It is a way of connecting to the life force in nature and “writing” what you see with your heart.  If you are interested in joining one of these, drop me an email and I will add you to the list.  Read more about intentional sketching.


Paint Where You Are

Annette Wagner, Color of Woman Intentional Creativity teacher and one of Sue Hoya Sellar’s students provides one-on-one art doctoring, painting demonstrations on things like the cosmos, how to make Sue black paint (aka swamp mud), and may take you on a nature walk with a sumi-e lesson or two. Annette shares instruction on technique, composition, brushes, and whatever else needs to happen to meet you where you are on your painting.

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Visioning Your Life

Vision plans are a way of mapping out your heart’s desire. The process begins with intention and uses questions and symbols to unearth your passion and purpose while engaging your whole person. What emerges is not what you expect – it is more complete, satisfying, and motivating. The book we create becomes a visual reminder; the words we write become our manifesto.


Intentional Creativity Workshop

Intentional Creativity Workshops

In an Intentional Creativity workshop, we circle with red thread, set intention, paint and write. Intentional Creativity is all about bringing your old stories out onto the painting surface where we can engage with them with the cognitive and intuitive sides of our brain. Once the old story is on the canvas, then we can transform it, heal it, re-write it, and shift into something entirely new.


The best part? NO experience needed!
I teach with the Color of Woman Method which is a practical, fun 13 step process everyone can follow.

me and let’s have a conversation
about connecting to your creativity.