Intentional Creativity


What is Intentional Creativity?

Humans have been creating with intention for thousands of years. What we do in the Intentional Creativity movement is to bring this act of intention consciously to the surface. To voice our intentions as we begin to create and allow our intentions to inform what it is that we create.

Bringing in the act of intention operates like a key opening doorways we didn’t know needed opening. We then engage the left and right sides of our brain with images and words and story. We ask the right and left sides of our brain to work together, cognitively and intuitively, at the same time. When the two sides our brain work in unison, inspiration and invention happen.

We all have stories running our lives. The power of Intentional Creativity is the process of taking the story out of us and putting the images and words from the story onto our canvas. Why? Because when the story is out of us and on the canvas, we can change the story. We can heal wounds, transform the way we live our lives, and write NEW stories.

It really works. It doesn’t require you to be an artist. And it’s a process you can learn and take home with you. Joining my mailing list is the best way to hear about upcoming classes. 


Intentional Sumi-e Painting
Earth Prayers with Annette Wagner

My piece of the red thread, as we like to say in our IC tribe, is teaching Intentional Sumi-e Painting which I offer online and in person on occasion.


Untamed Heart: An Exploration of Intentional Creativity

Want to learn more about Intentional Creativity along with some great creative exercises? This book is a collaborative product of fifteen Intentional Creativity Teachers including the founder of the Intentional Creativity movement, Shiloh Sophia. Read more HERE – you can purchase a PDF of the book for $5.99.


Visioning Your Life

Vision plans are a way of mapping out your heart’s desire. The process begins with intention and uses questions and symbols to unearth your passion and purpose while engaging your whole person. What emerges is not what you expect – it is more complete, satisfying, and motivating. The book we create becomes a visual reminder; the words we write become our manifesto.



Intentional Creativity Workshops

In an Intentional Creativity workshop, we circle with red thread, set intention, paint and write. Intentional Creativity is all about bringing your old stories out onto the painting surface where we can engage with them with the cognitive and intuitive sides of our brain. Once the old story is on the canvas, then we can transform it, heal it, re-write it, and shift into something entirely new.



The best part? NO experience needed!
I teach with the Color of Woman Method which is a practical,
fun 13 step process everyone can follow.

me and let’s have a conversation
about connecting to your creativity.