What People Say

Annette invites us to discover new ways of seeing and teaches a simple, powerful process for reflecting the beauty we find. She taught me how to capture the "essence" of natural objects with pen and watercolor that I now carry with me all the time. The act of creating these lovely "Earth Prayers" as she calls them helps me be truly present in the moment so that when I see them again, I am immediately transported back to the time and place where I found them and get to re-live that moment in its fullness. I'm so grateful for all that Annette has taught me!
Tina Greene
IC Teacher & Coach
Annette Wagner’s Earth Prayers are a wonderful addition to my sketch pages! I had the pleasure of sitting with her on the beach one summer learning the sumi techniques that she lovingly shared. These simple ink sketches and deep listening skills have enriched my creative time while out in nature. Thank you Annette for your teachings and your Earth Prayers.
Sepha Nisbet
IC Teacher
“Annette lives, paints and teaches creativity with amazing passion, wisdom, and authenticity. Every time I am with her, my personal and professional vision expands and brightens and I feel inspired and nourished by her insights, her constructive challenging, and her unwavering support and guidance. She is a transformational force that brings out amazing empowerment and creativity in everyone she encounters. To be coached by her is to be coached into your creative magnificence.” 
Havi Mandell, Ph.D., LCSW
HeARTrageous Life
Annette’s beautiful, deft teaching style put me at ease and opened my eyes—and heart—to see in new ways. Her Earth Prayer sessions were soulful and fun homages to nature’s hidden beauty. With her skilled guidance, I learned to connect to my inner stillness to see forms and hear messages that transformed into poetry.
Rachel Bavis
IC Teacher
“I came to Annette’s workshop with no artistic skill and a bit of fear that I couldn’t create something amazing.  I walked away not only with a  beautiful vision plan, but also a keen understanding of my higher self’s calling and mission in the world.  I recommend this workshop to anyone that is at a crossroads in life or anyone who just wants to create and live in joy for a day.”
C. Hoke
Thank you very much for sharing, and of course for your guidance during this journey. My Legend was my first painting, my first canvas, my first acrylics, and every time I see Her I smile, and your help and Leslie´s were priceless. Thank you so much! =D
S. Baca
Happy dance! Annette, with her background in shamanic painting, is exactly the teacher I need right now to help me connect with my muse in paint.
Lissa R.
Coaching Client
Thank you for creating a deliciously inviting place for us to honor ourselves and tune into the quiet space within. You are an inspiration–a compassionate, heart-centered teacher who fully practices what she teaches. I had a wonderful time.
Rebecca A.
I really appreciate your taking the time and care to design and do a 50th ritual for me! It was really special for me, and just what I wanted. Now every time I come across some glitter bits (forever!) I’ll be able to focus on what I’m now filled up with!
Kate Withey
Artist & Designer
Annette Wagner is a great combination of technical savvy, creativity and fun. She asks great questions that allow her to create a website that fits your personality and presents your business to the world in the way that you envision. She was able to accomplish more than I asked for. I will definitely be working with Annette again in the future.
Bonnie Kiefer
Founder Boas in the Boardroom
Annette helped me bring illumination to my work. She helped me evolve as an artist and she is a wonderful teacher.
Tricia Dietrich
“Annette truly speaks from the primal soul and unleashes its beauty through her art.” -Shirlie K.
Shirlie K.
Dear Annette, I don't think you will ever know how much your word's " we will meet you where ever you are." have had  an impact, a feeling of pure acceptance. And then finding the courage to post my first WIP painting, asking for your guidance I was so taken by how you articulated your perception. One thing lead to another and I showed up here in Legendary Self. Forever grateful.
“Thank you for a fabulous workshop that was inspiring, heart-centered, and playful. I LOVE my work of art. Keep teaching and spreading your passion.” ~ Paula and Claudine Yue, mother and daughter.
Paula & Claudine Yue
Mother & daughter students
I’ve had the privilege and delight to participate in this kind of work with Annette and it’s really fun, but not just fun in a frivolous way. It’s really fun in a soul satisfying way.
John Carosella
Radio Host: Firefly Willows L*I*V*E